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We’ve put together an array of great seasonal choices you may wish to consider. Need an idea on how to incorporate these in your landscape? Give us a call. Our designers will help you realize your vision. And remember, we’re always here to help you maintain these beauties well after they are planted.

Acer griseum
(Paperbark Maple)
Magnolia x ‘Elizabeth’
Helleborus orientalis
(Lenten Rose)
An exquisite small tree with glowing, cinnamon-hued exfoliating bark. Unusual trifoliate leaves. Grows to 20-25' at maturity. Great scarlet fall color. Location: full sun. Large primrose-yellow flowers make this small magnolia’s vivid May bloom an eagerly anticipated event. Grows to 40-45' at maturity. An uncommon beauty. Location: full sun. Glossy green palmate leaves create a striking visual statement for the shaded border. In March, clusters of bell-shaped flowers bloom in an intriguing range of colors – from plum to rose and white. Grows to 12-18". Location: shade to partial shade.

Iris reticulata

Corylopsis spicata
(Spike Winterhazel)
A petite beauty which blooms in late March to April in glorious saturated shades of blue and violet. A nice addition to woodland edge or Rockgarden. Grows 4-6". Location: full sun to part shade. A lovely surprise in the early Spring garden, Winterhazel features diminutive, pale yellow blossom chains dangling from elegantly bare branches. Grows quickly to 12' at maturity. A relative of Witch Hazel. Location: partial shade.

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